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Input needed on Journey Together Program  

The program will be based at Maynooth Public School with outreach to the families with young children around North Hastings like Hermon, Bird’s Creek, Bancroft, Coe Hill. 

  • Our plan is to have a fully equipped room for all parents with their children ages new born to 6 years old where they can gather to enjoy Algonquin cultural teachings, healthy food, preparation and cooking with the support of a full time 5 days a week Early Childhood Educator at the Maynooth site.
  • A full time Program Coordinator who must be an Algonquin person will be hired to organize the programs at Maynooth and the other sites, and will be making home visits for family support with an employee of the North Hastings Children’s Services.
  • A van will be required for staff use.
  • There will need to be an exhaust fan installed as there will be smudging taking place in the room.
  • The large room at Maynooth school will be decorated with Algonquin art, will have library books, Algonquin language learning materials and an area rug with the Indigenous symbols, a play area with toys, comfortable seating, boardroom table and chairs. There will be a fully equipped kitchen area.
  • A half-time Planner for Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquins will be working from home part of the time and at Maynooth or one of the other sites. The Planner must be an Algonquin person and at the present time Ada Tinney is the Planner.

The application for funding from Ontario Early Years (OEYCFC) and Journey Together is being written by Sheleena Forfar,  the Community Planner for Hastings County in cooperation with North Hastings Children’s Services Planner Jessica Anderson and Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin Planner Ada Tinney.

Community input is needed.  Please reply to the items below:

  1. A name for the program: (eg. Family Circle)
  2. What impact will the program have on the community?
  3. How will the program increase access to services for young children and parents/caregivers?
  4. If it is necessary to scale down the program due to budget cuts by the funders, from 2 full time staff to 2 half time staff, how will it affect families in our community?
  5. If the planned outreach services is scaled back by half to the 4 other sites what impact will it have on the families?
  6. What would be the role of an Advisory Board for the Algonquin Planner? How would families be involved?  What would this Board do?  What would this Board see as a future for the program.
  7. What would be the Milestones?
  8. What are the key timelines that are important?
  9. What would be the Algonquin ways of celebrating timelines?



Community Meeting
June 17, 2017 
11:00 a.m to 2:30 p.m.
At Faraday Community Centre
 Corner of Highway 28 and Lower Faraday Road



Chief Katherine Cannon has requested that I send a Newsletter to our community members.
We have been offered two exciting opportunities.  I have been involved with working on both of these projects from the start.

First is for Provincially-Fully-Funded, Ontario Early-Years Child and Family

Centre for North Hastings to be located in Maynooth.

This initiative is called “The Journey Together:  Ontario’s Commitment to Reconciliation With Indigenous People”.

The start of the journey was in mid-March 2017 when the Hastings County Community Planner contacted Stephen Hunter and me, inviting us to a meeting with her and with the North Hastings Children’s Services (NHCS) Community Planner and their Program Coordinator to explain the Program.

At the next meeting of the working group, the Principal of Maynooth Public School joined us.  It was explained that a survey needed to be completed by parents/caregivers of young children in our area to assess the interest in having an Indigenous Cultural Early-Years Program.  We got this survey out to people, and the results showed a need for the Program.  Working with the input of a number of Algonquin community members, we put together a list of requirements for a Centre that is suitable for Algonquin cultural teachings to be included in the application for funding.

The Centre will be welcoming to all families, Algonquin and non-Algonquin, with young children in North Hastings.  Programs will be delivered by our Algonquin Organization working with service system managers from North Hastings Children’s Centre, Hastings County and the Hastings County Board of Education.  This will mean employment for some community members.  There would be one part-time and two full-time jobs.                                                                                               

The Journey Together Initiative and Funding Application date was extended from May 25th to mid-September 2017.  To submit the Proposal in partnership with North Hastings Children’s Services and Hastings County, we need to use our Corporation name.

Second is the Offer of 26 Acres of Land

This Offer comes from an 85 year-old acquaintance.  I had my husband take me to see the property in winter and again in early spring.  It is mixed forest with a swamp and a pond.  The owner lives on the property which is a ten-minute drive from Bancroft.  He requests that we pay the costs involved with necessary changes to his Will so it becomes our property as a gift at his death.  Our community is so fortunate to have this surprise gift and needs to act immediately.

Our Algonquin Land Claim Negotiation Lawyer, Robert Potts, has been advising for a number of years that we form a new corporation for Algonquin Nation Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini  that is set up specifically to have the ability to handle such things as transfers of land and funding.  This is the time to make the moves so we do not miss the opportunities that we have been offered.

I felt that the explanation of recent events was necessary for those who will not be able to attend the meeting.  We hope to see as many as possible attend the meeting on June 17th to have an opportunity for input

A light lunch will be served at noon.




Shaw Woods OEC – Canada 150 Celebration

On SaturdayJuly 29th, 2017, from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre is hosting an event in honour of Canada 150 focusing on the Algonquin nation and our history in the area. Shaw Woods has reached out to the Algonquins of Ontario to extend an invitation to participate in the event.

In particular, staff at Shaw Woods have identified the following areas of interest for participation from community members: dancing, storytelling and knowledge building circles, a traditional plants education hike, traditional activities/games for children. However, if there are community members interested in sharing their knowledge in a different area that can be discussed with Shaw Woods staff. Some examples of confirmed activities include local drummers, dancers and a display of a birch bark canoe.

If community members are interested in participating to share their knowledge they can contact Lyndsey Mask, Education Coordinator at Shaw Woods by email shawwoods.edu@gmail.com or by phone 613-633-1830 by Friday, June 19th.

Furthermore, for community members not interested in participating in a fa


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