Media Release – February 22, 2018


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Thank you for visiting the Algonquin Nation Kijicho Manito.

Anishinaabe Baptiste
Community Organization

We, the people of the Algonquin Nation Kijicho Manito are a proud and progressive people with a rich cultural heritage. We belong to the Bear Clan and are one of the ten (10) communities involved in the present day Land Claim with the Algonquins of Pikwakanagon.

Chief John Baptiste

Chief John Baptiste

We are members of the Madaouskarini Band. No one has ever taken that title away from Madaouskarini Band. Our traditional and present-day community is within the area of North Hastings County in the Province of Ontario. We have resided within this area since time immemorial.

During the past, our people willingly adapted to the changes that were brought to this land by the European settlers. We are still adapting today while we struggle to maintain our identity, renew our culture while expressing our heritage in both traditional and contemporary ways.

Our community is very interesting and full of aboriginal history. Our lands, people, waters, culture, and skills are one of a kind. Our best resources are our people.